Linux GUIs

This section of the site publishes information about the graphical interfaces of the Linux operating system. Interfaces are divided into two groups: desktop environments and window managers.

The Linux Desktop Environment is a comprehensive, out-of-the-box shell. Typically, a desktop environment includes a taskbar, functional menus, a login manager, setup programs, basic programs, and other functional elements, including a window manager.

The Linux window manager (Window Manager) is a program that draws windows, allows you to move and resize the window, processes the user's actions that he does in the program window. A window manager can run independently or be part of a desktop environment.

Budgie - GUI

Budgie is a GUI that was written from scratch but uses GNOME technologies.

Cinnamon - desktop environment

Cinnamon is a standalone desktop environment that is an offshoot of Gnome 3, but designed in the style of the classic Gnome.


Enlightenment (or simply E) is a lightweight window manager (user environment) that is not demanding on computer resources, consumes very little RAM.

GNOME - desktop environment

GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) is a popular desktop environment for Linux. Includes a set of utilities for setting up the environment, application software, system utilities, and other components.

KDE (Plasma) - Desktop Environment

KDE is a fully featured desktop environment. The KDE project develops a large number of applications for everyday needs. KDE uses the Qt libraries.

LXQt - Lightweight Desktop Environment

LXQt is a lightweight desktop environment that uses the Qt libraries (framework).

MATE - continuation of the development of the classic Gnome

MATE is a desktop environment that is a continuation of the development of Gnome 2. MATE is a balanced environment with a good set of programs and utilities and a nice classic interface.

Openbox - fast window manager

Openbox is a lightweight window manager with a simple, minimalist interface. This window manager is not demanding on system resources and is very fast. When you right-click, the main Openbox menu is called up, through which you can call any program. Openbox is highly customizable and supports themes.